Wii launch date rumors abound

Wii launch date rumors abound

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More rumblings about the Wii release date are making their way around the internets, and while speculation is to be expected, the real question is when Nintendo is going to tell us when we can expect their console to hit retail. We know the PS3 release date, the DS Lite has been launched, leaving the Wii launch date and price as possibly the last big gaming mysery this year. 老域名购买

IGN is saying that the launch date will be sooner than we think, based on developers who are making sure their product will be ready in October. Would I love an October launch? Sure. Do I see it happening? Nope. My money is on an early November launch myself. I just have a feeling. IGN also points out that Nintendo is interested in getting their product out before the PS3, and I don't think that's unreasonable. If consumers start snapping up US$600 PS3s, their gaming budget for other games and systems will be depleted pretty quickly.

Now it looks like Toys R Us is saying that the Wii will launch in November in Australia, and we all know how reliable retialers are when it comes to this sort of thing. The computer system needs a date before anyone can do a preorder, so most of the time the dates shown at retailers are guesstimates. Of course, other times it's based on information straight from the horse's mouth, so anything is possible. For you Aussie gamers, it looks like you'll get a free game with your preorder, so it may be worth putting some money down to reserve a unit.

When will the system actually launch? I'm going to make up a date, just so I feel like I'm adding to the speculation. Let's say….November 8th.* Mark it on your calendars!

*Note: this date is based on absolutely nothing

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