The ultimate switcher’s software guide to OS X

The ultimate switcher’s software guide to OS X

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I'm certain that a large percentage of our readers on Infinite Loop have been using their Macs for quite a while and we've probably got a sizable contingent of people who've been down with OS X since the start. However, from time to time we should keep in mind that we also have a strong contingent of readers who aren't nearly as saavy. They haven't suffered through 10.0 and 10.1 and might not know all the cool bits about the operating system, and we should take time to introduce them to all the stuff that makes using OS X a joy. 苏州美睫美甲

When I came across this "Guide to OS X Software for OS X" I immediately wanted to point it out. Many guides focus on how OS X differs from Windows, but few actually show those users where they can find equivielnt features and applications to replace their old standbys:

I have yet to see a Switcher's Guide that actually focuses on the Switcher. Most seem more concerned with listing a few personal favorite programs or touting some of the wonderful features of OS X itself. My goal is to simply outline those applications that are not only the most useful, but have direct bearing on the life of those who have recently made the jump from Windows. I will also include links to several Mac-friendly websites as well a few extremely helpful keystrokes.

The guide goes on to detail several of Apple's built-in, useful, and perhaps under-utilised (by switchers) applications like Disk Utility and Activity Monitor; transitions to downloads that should probably be a part of your "core" day-to-day applications (like Transmit, Adium, Flip4Mac); gets down to applications that'll make your life easier (like TextPander and Jumpcut); and applications that are "just for fun" (like M-bear and Candybar). The guide even enumerates the highlights of the galaxy of available text editors. So if you're still new to the OS (and hell, even if you're not) and you haven't found that perfect app you've been looking for, have a read through the aforementioned article and see if you find something new. If all else fails, you will be sure to find several reccomendations here in the comments.

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