Surf the ‘net from the sofa

Surf the ‘net from the sofa

Apr 28, 2020 / By : / Category : 老域名购买

If you're not huge Front Row fans (and, really, are any of us as big fans as this guy?) then you're probably wondering what to do with that little remote that came with your Mac. Sure it looks cute dangling on the side of your Mac like a mismatched earring, but, not unlike the Intel chip, it can do so much more. Well, a bit more, at least. 老域名购买

Enter Sofa Control. This handy little program promises to give your remote control over any application on your Mac, which I suppose comes in handy if you have a serious mouse phobia or keyboard allergy. Sofa Control has two modes which allow you to match your remote use to your needs. Sofa Mode allows you to use the remote exclusively to switch between applications, open files, and access menus. It's designed to come in handy when you're sitting on the sofa ten feet from your Mac. Auto Take Control Mode, on the other hand, works best when you're sitting at your computer. It recognizes what application you're using and excutes configured actions at the press of a button. Either mode seems potentially useful for presentations and I suppose it would be handy for turning a sleek, new Mac into this decade's WebTV, but to be honest, I'm a bit hard-pressed to think of what other computing needs I have while sitting on my sofa. Certainly it's never going to be the input device of choice in Photoshop and wouldn't be the most efficient way to write emails.

At any rate, Sofa Control is currently in free beta until June 16th and a lifetime license for future releases is avaialble for US$9.99. Remote Control not included, so if you've lost yours you'll have to pester Apple about that.

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