Shuttle launch in doubt

Shuttle launch in doubt

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July 4th approaches, traditionally the time the US celebrates throwing off the shackles of English Imperialism, with the consumption of large quantities of alcohol and the combustion of large quantities of explosives. However, not everyone is hoping for a big bang. NASA had been planning to return the space shuttle into the skies, and explosions are definitely not on the agenda. 老域名出售

The space shuttle Discovery has sat on the launchpad in Florida for several days now, waiting for the all-clear signal, but first weather, and now safety inspections have been raising red flags. The problem remains the insulation on the large fuel tank that contains the liquid oxygen and hydrogen that fuels the shuttle's main engines. The tank is covered with insulation foam, and bits of this foam can fall off, damaging the orbiter on the way down. Such damage was responsible for the loss of the shuttle Columbia three years ago.

The launch was planned for tomorrow, July 4th, but NASA are meeting today to determine whether or not it is safe to proceed. There are also concerns over whether the repeated draining and filling of the tank is causing flexing that might be the cause of the cracks.

NASA isn't just worried about foam debris. Cape Canaveral is also home to lots of vultures, who feast on the roadkill that results from all the interested visitors. When a 1 kg chunk of foam can result in the loss of an orbiter, a bird strike involving a vulture weighing three times that is a serious problem. As a result, NASA have set a trap several miles away to keep the vultures clear of the launch site. The birds will be released once Discovery is on its way.

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