Rumor alert: HDMI port on new 360s. Early adopters look nervous

Rumor alert: HDMI port on new 360s. Early adopters look nervous

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The ability of the newer consoles to play next-generation media, from Blu-Ray to HD-DVD, is a big selling point to the more A/V focused early-adopters. If you have a nice HDTV and don't want to drop US$500 or more for a new DVD player, the 360 add-on is attractive. If you want Blu-Ray, the US$600 PS3 may even look affordable. There was a lot of talk about the HD-DVD add-on giving the XBox 360 an HDMI port, and now there's a rumor going around that newer 360s may have the port standard. 苏州美睫美甲

You could say that early adopters would be upset, the same way you could say that space is pretty big.

There isn't much to the rumor right now, just a fuzzy picture and some emails sent out from an unnamed source. There could be meat here, or there may not be; at this stage it's not really worth worrying about. The bigger question is how Microsoft would handle the complaints if tomorrow they announced that all new 360 systems would have the HMDI port on them. Would they allow those of us who bought the system on launch day to send ours in and get the upgrade? Would that even be feasible? It's one thing to do a revision, but if they added such a nice feature to the system this soon after they launched it, you're going to have a lot of angry hardcore gamers on your hands. These are people who hold a grudge, and spend a lot of money on product.

It's clear that Microsoft is watching Sony's multimedia plans closely, but I think they would be shortsighted to think of launching such a big update without a plan to deal with the millions of people who have already purchased systems. To repeat: I don't think we'll see an HDMI port added onto the 360 any time soon, but if they did, how angry would you be if you were stuck with your current system and new users got the goods?

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