Portents of Mac growth abound

Portents of Mac growth abound

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Undoubtedly, "shut it down and give the money back to the shareholders," was a snarky comment from Michael Dell, rather than a serious business suggestion. However, that doesn't lessen the fun of throwing that quote back out there every time Apple succeeds at Dell's expense. The latest example is this survey. According to the article, at 41 percent, Dell is still the most likely choice, though that number was 55 percent in April, a precipitous downturn and reason for celebration for both Mac and schadenfreude enthusiasts. What can Apple attribute this rise in popularity to? 老域名出售

"The Apple brand—thanks to the iPod—has gotten far more exposure among average consumers, who are thus more likely to consider other Apple products," Constantine Kambanis, an analyst at TechnoMetrica said.

It's another way to describe "word of mouth" advertising, arguably the most sought after form of marketing. This is backed by certain perceptions concerning the Mac, including the belief that Macs are less susceptible to malware than PCs. Ironically, the ability of Intel Macs to run that potentially susceptible OS using Boot Camp or virtualization appears to also be helping brand equity among consumers.

Actual evidence beyond surveys may be found in lengthening wait times for the MacBook at the Apple Store. The white models have gone from 1-2 days to 5-7 days. While there are suggestions that QA issues over spotting are factoring in, it is much more likely that fulfilment of education orders and greater consumer interest is resulting in the delays. For those who can't wait for a MacBook, word is Dell has plenty of laptops—at least until they close the doors.

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