Parenting magazine points out games that keep kids happy, active

Parenting magazine points out games that keep kids happy, active

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Oh, the joys of Dance Dance Revolution. No other game has done more in getting gaming good press than Konami's rhythm title. Schools use it to keep kids fit, and now the bastion of all things pregnant, Parenting Magazine, is including it in a writeup about games that keep kids active instead of sitting stone-faced in front of a television set. The article points out DDR, as well as Donkey Konga and EyeToy titles, as games that can keep kids entertained and also working out. 老域名购买

While it's easy to mock this sort of writeup because Parenting is coming to the party a year or so late (none of these games are new, and the benefits of Dance Dance Revolution have been written about extensively), I think the fact this article exists at all is a good thing. The illustrations of happy and active kids are something that may make parents less scared of the videogame boxes in their living room. A trusted magazine like Parenting lauding games also makes the message come through much clearer than it would from any other source. Most parents don't read about games online, and of course the mainstream press very rarely covers them in a responsible way. This may be the first time parents are presented with games in a positive way that can make their kids healthier, or even aid in their development. Instead of preaching to the choir, this is getting the message right where it needs to go.

Parents need to realize that video game consoles these days can be almost anything you want them to be: from dancing games and rhythm games to educational software and even workout routines, violent games are only a small facet of what consoles offer.

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