Microsoft Certified Architect program: welcome to the certification gauntlet

Microsoft Certified Architect program: welcome to the certification gauntlet

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There are two kinds of people in the tech world: those that respect certifications and those that don't. Some argue that it just takes a few days of cramming to pass a cert or worse yet, a $50 cheat sheet. Others complain that certified individuals lack the field experience it takes to be valuable. On the opposite side of the spectrum, a certification does show a willingness to learn, and regardless of how it is obtained, the material at least has to be memorized. With all that being said, Microsoft felt that its humongous certification lineup lacked a Killer Cert, something similar to a CCIE. Now, after more than a year of beta testing, Microsoft finally has the super cert ready to go. 老域名购买

The Microsoft Certified Architect program is certainly not easy. The entire process is documented at the Architecture Resource Center, and you can read a story about one man's adventure through the program here. Essentially, anyone wishing to participate in the program must have ten years of experience in the IT industry, 3 years as a practicing architect, pass a 4-member peer review, be referred into the program or contact Microsoft directly, submit a dossier, and finally receive a positive vote from the Review Board. I didn't see any hazing mentioned, but I didn't read the fine print either.

If you end up making it out of the program alive, you'll be involved in one of three major disciplines: Infrastructure Architects, Solutions Architects, and Depth Architects / Messaging Architects. Each program has a slightly different focus, but they all mean the same thing: you know your stuff. At this point, you have to realize that it's not easy to obtain MCA status. Those that pursue this will have to have plenty of time, knowledge, and field experience.

So Microsoft has created a true expert certification, but do employers and customers care? What has your experience been with the cert industry? Are some worth more than others? Are some harder than others? Have you encountered customers that only work with Certified Individuals?

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