Meetro for Mac finally goes public with beta

Meetro for Mac finally goes public with beta

Apr 28, 2020 / By : / Category : 老域名购买

So, okay. Maybe back in January, everyone was being a little too optimistic when we thought that Meetro for Mac might go public by the Macworld Expo. But hey, five months later is better than, uh, six months later, right? The Meetro crew has finally managed to push a public Mac OS X version out the door and it's available for download on the Meetro website. Now even Mac-o-philes can find new and exciting ways to get laid by become friends with their neighbors via the Internet. 老域名购买

For those of you who may have been involved in the private alpha testing phase of Meetro for Mac, some new features that have been introduced in the new public beta since then are: a friends list, functional blocking (now I can finally block some of those dudes in Chilé who IM me over and over in Spanish), a much prettier buddy list and profile-viewing window, international address support, improved location finding, and (yay!) Growl support.

Another cool feature that Meetro has added—in general (not just to the Mac client)—is that you can now register for a new Meetro account with your MySpace account and automatically import all of your profile details from MySpace. Finally, though, Mac users will be able to identify members of their own bretheren by the little blue Apple icon that shows up in the corner of other Mac-users' avatars—a dirty little secret that is kept hush hush from Windows-using Meetro'ites who can't see them.

The Mac version is still lacking a few things that the Windows version has such as the ability to connect to AIM, MSN, ICQ, and Yahoo! I'm told by Meetro CEO Paul Bragiel that expectations for such features are in the future plans, but "we are thinking of trying some radically different things to see how Mac users take to it." Sounds interesting.

So, what do you do if there's nobody geographically near you on Meetro? Well, first make sure to input your location correctly (Meetro automatically detects a general locale for you if you don't put one in, based on your IP address, but it isn't always totally accurate!). Secondly, try to spread the word about Meetro. Nobody's gonna be meet(ro)ing anybody unless more people know about it. And don't get discouraged… even here in little ol' Cincinnati, there is a small handful of awesome Meetro users (apparently none of which actually get up by 7am on weekdays when I took this screenshot) who have actually provided me with a slew of very good local friends. There are even stories of old high school friends discovering that they live in the same apartment building years after they left their hometown, all via Meetro.

So Mac users, go forth and try out the first public version of Meetro for Mac and join your already socially-savvy (errr…) Windows friends.

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