Mac Renaissance unlikely to extend to enterprise

Mac Renaissance unlikely to extend to enterprise

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Macworld has an interesting article regarding Macs in the workplace. The outlook is not particularly good, at least according to Gartner analyst Michael Silver. 老域名出售

"We’re not seeing Macs replace Windows PCs as a standard choice,” said Silver. “I don’t really see Boot Camp as the resolution of why organizations don’t buy Macs. If you want to buy a Windows machine, especially if you are in a company buying hundreds or thousands of PCs, there are cheaper ways to do that than buying a Mac. There’s only one vendor, and you still have to install Boot Camp and buy a full version of Windows, which has list price of like $300.”

This is undeniably true, though virtualization may provide a better means of running Windows on a Mac, and one that does not require rebooting. Charles Wolf, a Needham and Company analyst, sees virtualization as a good solution. He was also happy to see Apple promoting Parallels on their site, not to mention letting the Leopard out of the bag concerning 10.5 and virtualization.

“I had a talk with Phil Schiller at the opening of the 5th Avenue Apple Store, and I asked him the question, ‘will Apple include a virtualization solution in [the next version of Mac OS X] Leopard.’ He said ‘absolutely not, the R&D would be prohibitive and we’re not going to do it. Our solution is dual boot.’”

Well, there isn't much more to say about that. It's one thing for a rumor site to dismiss a feature, but quite another for a six-figure analyst dropping Phil Schiller's name to write off virtualization. From Apple's perspective it does make sense to let others do the heavy lifting for development, not to mention the tech support. Still, it's somewhat surprising to see an Apple executive so… straightforward about future products. It's too bad Wolf didn't ask if Apple intends to fix the Finder.

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