ifrogz for iPods: silicone threads give Polly Pocket a run for her money

ifrogz for iPods: silicone threads give Polly Pocket a run for her money

Apr 28, 2020 / By : / Category : 老域名购买

iPod cases are a clearly a very personal decision, with choices running the gambit from luxurious to casual to downright questionable. Put your priorities where you will, but as I have a surplus of preschool-aged humans running about, I find myself drawn to items that are fairly indestructable. If you can toss in insanely customizable, you've made my day. So you can imagine my excitement at stumbling across ifrogz silicone iPod cases. 老域名购买

Silicone cases are nothing new, but the ifrogz wins serious points in the design department. Their case comes in three parts and in ensembles of colors and patterns that would make even Polly Pocket feel inadequate. Transparent plastic "screenz" cover the iPod screen and clickwheel, silicone "wrapz" cover the body of the iPod, and matching "bandz" go around the edge to protect the buttonz—er, buttons and dock connector. Both the wrapz and bandz come in a large variety of mix-n-match colors (including a glow-in-the-dark one that I'm very excited about) and the screenz offer a choice of clickwheel-enhancing decals. For US$24 you can buy one of their 20 or so sets or for US$31 you can mix and match colors and decals to your heart's content to come up with something uniquely yours (no whining after you've ordered a bubblegum pink and lime green iPod case with a mohawk-sporting skull on the front!).

Not only does the plethora of choice make it easy to quickly distinguish your iPod from the millions of others out there, but with every surface covered, said iPod can then be chucked into a diaper bag (preschoolers, remember?) or other dangerously unprotected situation pretty guiltlessly. ifrogz even claims that a special anti-lint coating will keep your iPod's dust exposure to a minimum.

Now if only I could decide between My Little Pony Pink and Thomas the Tank Engine Blue.

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