Friday morning Apple links

Friday morning Apple links

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Ellen Feiss is coming to the big^H^H^little screen. The movie, titled Bed and Breakfast, is being shot in France.FlyingMeat has released version 3.0 of their awesome app, VoodooPad. I remember using the pre-1.0 versions in college to take notes and while this app continues to get better and better, my personal need for its use has dwindled. That doesn't mean it's not super-useful to students and people who take a lot of notes or just want to organize their lives better: "New features in this release include: tabs, full screen editing,
palettes, search improvements, support for super big documents,
Linkback, embedding PDFs and other files, script plugins, custom
shortcuts, merging and splitting documents, custom text styles, and
more. In addition, the company is now offering VoodooPad 3.0 Pro, which
offers triggers, custom meta data pages, a built in Web server for
sharing documents with friends or co-workers, and document level

Mac Geekery has posted an article on optimizing your AirPort connection: "Interference. It’s the biggest problem these days with wireless ethernet
and it will kill the speed of your connection. A 54Mb connection is
capable of 6.9MB/s at 100% performance. You won’t see 100% performance.
You’ll be lucky to see 90% (6.2MB/s). But after cleaning up much of the
interference with my base stations, I did see 56% of maximum two rooms

Market Share by Net Applications shows that Safari's share of the browser market has grown 65% over this time last year: "In June 2005, Safari's market share came in at 1.93 percent. In June 2006, Safari's market share comes in at 3.19 percent. "Apple shares with us, via their "Pro tip of the week" how to put your Mac to sleep via the keyboard : "Want the fastest way to put your Mac right into a deep, sleepy-bear
hibernation-like sleep (no whirling fan, no dialogs, no sound — nuthin’
— just fast, glorious sleep). Just press Command-Option and then hold
the Eject button for about 2 seconds and Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz."

GoogleGrab is an OS X and Windows application that downloads images from Google's Image Search directly to your hard drive.Creammonkey (gross name) is an input manager for Safari that works like GreaseMonkey for Firefox and Trixie for IE6.

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