Fans can prove that they know more than the coach in MSN’s “Fan Club: Reality Baseball”

Fans can prove that they know more than the coach in MSN’s “Fan Club: Reality Baseball”

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Sports fans always think they know more than the coach. Being one myself, I can vow for that. But what if I had the chance to run a professional team? Well, MSN wants to give me, and every other baseball fan, a chance with the launch of "Fan Club: Reality Baseball." 老域名出售

No, fans won't be giving take signs from the third base coach's box and kicking dirt on the umpire. Instead, they will be remotely running a Chicago-based, second year minor league baseball team known as the Schaumburg Flyers. Decisions that the fans will be able to make include selecting the roster, creating the daily lineup, making the pitching rotation, and handling some of the off-the-field duties such as trades and free agent signings. Tell me why the Flyers have a manager again?

The final decisions will be determined through a fan voting process. For instance, if Flyers' pitcher Dave Dobosz receives the most votes for being the team's go-to guy on the hill, then Dobosz it is. On the other hand, if Dobosz criticizes his "fantasy reality fan club", the fans could vote to cut him from the team. That's kind of scary for the players, isn't it?

Since this is already the second half of the Flyers' season, Microsoft has posted a ton of information from the first half of the season as well as other personal data about the players on the Fan Club site. The kicker here is that players, players' family members, and even coaches will blog about the experience through the rest of the season using MSN Spaces.

Overall, I'm excited to see how this works out. It's an excellent chance for fans to once and for all show that they know more than the coaching staff. The biggest problem is that the fans can't make any mid-game decisions. Maybe next year Microsoft can add some in-game management features. Imagine not wanting the other team to steal your signs, hence the signals are sent from third using AES encryption.

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