Fake Leopard Screenshot Contest announced with prizes

Fake Leopard Screenshot Contest announced with prizes

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Phill Ryu's blog was one I had not heard of until his interview last week with Adam Bets. Well there is good reason for this: his blog is only in the second week of existence. Frankly, if Phill continues to create content like this, he is going to have quite the traffic bill at the end of the month. This week, Ryu has announced a contest with real winners, losers and prizes. Intrigued? We thought you would be. The contest, entitled the Fake Leopard Screenshot Contest, comes from his desire to see better fake screenshots.老域名出售

Ok. iTunes style metal UI? Sounds good. Multiple desktops support? Sweet. Virtualization of Windows apps? I’m hoping for it. But let’s be honest, Leopard could be sooo much cooler, and so could the fakes.

The contest's tagline: "A picture may be worth a thousand words, but a fake one is worth nearly a thousand bucks of software!" describes not only the contest fairly well but the boatload of prizes that are available for the winners. Oddly enough, first, second, and third place prizes are the same (except for the virtual trophy) bringing the winners' licenses to almost US$1,000 worth of software licenses. Included in the prize package are such popular applications as Delicious Library, Shape Shifter, News Fire, App Zapper, CSSEdit, and a nice little package from The Iconfactory among others. Oh and there is the coup de grâce, the virtual hardware:

The contest runs through July 22nd and submissions can be viewed here. The Ars community is full of mad talent ("mad" having a multitude of meanings in this instance) and we love to see one of our own bring home the "hardware," so have at it!

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