[Burn] Speed is bad for Vista’s health

[Burn] Speed is bad for Vista’s health

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Have you tried installing Windows Vista from DVD yet? If so, have you been successful in getting it to install? I ask because some Vista beta testers haven't had very good luck installing the recent CTPs. Apparently, some users have been setting their burner speed to "Max" and letting 'er rip. The final outcome? A botched install. 老域名出售

For most of us, burning disks at slower speeds is a no-brainer, at least if we want to ensure that all the data has been copied properly. Then again, with blanks being as cheap as they are, I'm always one to give Alcohol's "Write Speed: Maximum" setting a click and hope for the best. However, Microsoft is warning speed demons, myself included, to lay off of the gas. In the release notes of the latest Vista build, 5456.5, the company makes the following suggestion:

When burning your DVDs please do so at 1x or 2x and CRC them when done using the CRC utility posted on the Connect site. The customer experience improvement telemetry that we’ve been getting back on Beta 2 shows that not quite three quarters of setup failures are the result of a failure to read from the media. Testing shows that burning at slower speeds greatly increases the chances of a good burn.

Burning DVDs at 1x is like watching paint dry and 2x isn't much better, but if around three quarters of failed installs occur because of a bad burn, then the company should not only include the passage, but it should also place the words in big bold letters on the download page as well. As for myself, I haven't run into any of these problems because I have been using VMWare for all of my Vista installs. It has worked perfectly for every build, and I highly recommend it to anyone that can spare the resources. For those that have no choice but to install from the DVD, you might save some time in the long run burning at 1x (it hurts me to say it) rather than getting 95% done with the setup and having it hang.

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