At least Sony is coming closer to admitting the PS3 is insanely expensive

At least Sony is coming closer to admitting the PS3 is insanely expensive

Apr 28, 2020 / By : / Category : 老域名购买

While we all harp on how high the PS3 price is, at least Sony is now admitting that nothing is assured with a US$600 system. To call the price "risky" is understating it, but if Sony is able to pull this off the gamble will have been worth it. I remember reading reports saying the DS was going to flop because of the dual-screen design. All the talking heads could be wrong, and there may be millions of people out there ready for a next-generation system and a next-generation movie playback device. Who knows? 老域名购买

What I do know is that saying we're paying for the "potential" of what the system can do hardly turns me on as a gamer. When I buy a console, I want to be paying for something I get right the hell now. If not, why don't I just wait until the potential is realized and the price is dropped a few times? The 360 launch had a lot of problems, but on the first night you could download and play Geometry Wars, and Call of Duty 2 blew away every other console war game. It delivered on a lot of its promises out of the gate. Sony better have at least one insanely great-looking game, some inexpensive and impressive Blu-Ray movies, and an online system that's ready to go. If not, you're going to see a lot of buyer's remorse very quickly.

It's not that I don't think that gamers are willing to pay the US$600, I simply don't think Sony has the respect they need for people's expectations of such an expensive piece of electronics. It's going to have to look better than the 360, at least with one or two games, and it better have flawless Blu-Ray playback. This talk of "potential" doesn't inspire trust.

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